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December 3, 2007 at 7:18 pm (Uncategorized)

I have  moved to xx 


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Lovely dress

October 22, 2007 at 3:21 pm (FASHION, Thrift)

Found this stunning dress in an age concern charity shop today.£3.50!pic taken in the fitting room over my work outfit due to being in a rush but i think it still looks cute.x


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Me and alex

October 18, 2007 at 7:57 pm (Boyfriend, Family, Life)


He is my fave accessory x

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I hate onions

October 18, 2007 at 7:53 pm (DIY, FASHION, Life)

Here is me in protective headgear as i embark on chopping onions. scarf from h&m, dress from charity shop.


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Car Boot sale & BBQ

July 8, 2007 at 11:06 pm (Boyfriend, DIY, Family, FASHION)

The boot sale was a fruitless escapade. Well, I bought a kid’s book called “101 things to make!” Which includes how to make your own jewellery out of salt dough! Speaking of making things, here is some pictures of a purse I’ve half made:



It is made of black silk with pink anchor material, with blue and white stripey innards.

Here is what I wore today (for some reason I can’t put a thumbnail of this pic up. Hence the linkage. It’s a pic from my boyfs phone so I think it’s masssiiivvee. You’ve been warned):

Today’s outfit

Stripey tee – Topshop
Cardigan – Matalan
Shorts – New Look
Tights (feet chopped off) – H&M
Shoes – Converse
Scarf – From some Paris gift shop

Alex came home today. We went to a BBQ at my mum’s house. I’ve had a good 24 hours, food-wise!

We are now watching some movie called Cabin fever on channel 4 which is a bit of a gore fest. Yuck.

Alex wants to have a bit of input so here he is.

“If I have one piece of fashion advise, it would be ; Stay away from winkle pickers. They look as stupid as you think they should.”

Haha. Thanks, poppet. Here he is, by the way:


He plays in a band called The Riverclub (

That is all.

Au revoir xxxxxx

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Home from Chinese

July 7, 2007 at 11:29 pm (Beauty tips, Boyfriend, FASHION, Make-up, Thrift)

So, went for dinner tonight with family. It was fun. I feel like a beached whale now. Here is what I wore to din dins (Don’t worry, I haven’t been decapitated – My face just doesn’t behave in photos):

Red tee dress

Red T-shirt dress with navy blue bits – Charity shop
Leggings*- Next

Here is outfit in action:


Blue heels – New Look (Cringe! I live in a town where the ONLY clothes store is New Look. Or Charity Shops of course. Plenty of those)

Here is the little brooch I’m wearing in closer detail:

elephant brooch!

Diamante Elephant Brooch – Hand-me-down from the mother. She used to live next door to this gay guy in the 80’s that made junk jewellery & he used to give her loads of bits and bobs. It blings more in real life!

Beauty Recommendation

Benefit Benetint


My darling boyf bought me this for my birthday. It is a lip and cheek tint. It is not cheap (£22.50) but it is good. You pop it on like nail varnish for the cheeks. I find Benefit’s packaging and advertising of their products really make you feel like you NEED to own them. God. I really am a marketer’s wet dream! It’s pathetic!

I took a before and after pic but the difference is not v obvious due to crappy phone cam. See for yourselves:

At death’s door:


Naturally rosy and full of life! And £22.50 out of pocket! Well, Alex is! 🙂


Off to bed now. going to a car boot sale tomorrow morning! I wonder if i’ll find any treasures…

Bonsoir xxx

* – Leggings. I have very mixed feelings about them. They really do have to be ankle length (preferably a bit lower than ankle) or they’re just ghastly. Those knee length jobbies?! If I wanted to make my legs look 1 foot shorter I’d just use a hacksaw. It’d probably be easier to wear the leggings, actually but whatever. The long & short of it (excuse the pun! ho ho ho) is that knee length leggings are offensive to my eyes.


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Oops, Forgot to mention my beauty tip…

July 7, 2007 at 12:13 am (Beauty tips, Make-up)

So I learnt a very cool make-up trick the other day.
I have always wondered how to achieve that thick, kinda clumpy, model-esque eyelash look. And now I know.
And so will you in just a second.
So, you put a layer of mascara on. Then poke your finger in some talcum powder and then put this on your lashes, so it sticks to the mascara. Then add another layer of mascara so cover the whiteness of the talc. Then add more talc. Repeat until you achieve the desired result!!

Here is my freaky looking eye with just a bog standard 2 coats of mascara (yes I am aware that my eyebrows need taming):

Here is my eye with a couple of repetitions of the talc thing. I did it in quite a hurry but with a little effort, and maybe some eyelash curlers, I think it could look very good.

A lot thicker and longer I am sure you will concur!

I’m going to bed now. xxx

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Work at the Video Shop & Chilling

July 7, 2007 at 12:05 am (Boyfriend, Family, FASHION, Life, Thrift)

Howdy xxx

As the post implies, I worked at the video shop today. For those that haven’t read my previous post, my pics are naff quality and some need rotating. I am aware of this, and will amend my ways in the extremely near future! So here is what I wore:


‘Brand New’ Band Tee – Ebay
Brown & White stripey dress – H&M
Boxing boots – Nike

Here’s a closer pic. Crank your head to the left……….. Now:

Turquoise Pendant – Charity Shop

I am now at home chilling out. Eating apple crumble and watching the friday night project. Je suis wearing:


Charcoal sweater – H&M
Dress – As above

My feet are chilling out too. I adore these slippers! I wish they had proper soles so I can wear them out. Here they are:


Slip on mary-jane slippers – Primark

I have work at the video shop tomorrow day. Boooo. Grueling. On a brighter note, I’m going out for Chinese with the fam tomorrow night. Minus my emoth (emo/goth) 13 year old sister (FYI, the term emoth was coined – or at least brought to my attention – by my very hip mother!) who is staying at a pal’s house. More on her in future posts, I’m sure!! I’d like to add, It’s not just a chinese restaurant… it’s an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet restaurant! I am going to try to smuggle a tupperware box in to steal some morsels for later consumption. I like to live thriftily!
Also, the boyf will be back from his adventures (he’s been in canterbury seeing family and homies & in london seeing Glassjaw). The flat is a lonely place without him. Apart from my gorgeous cat Roxy. Here she is, enjoying her brand new scratch post:

So, Chinese and Boyfriend. A couple of things to look forward to. and a couple of things to post pics of! I’m loving this blog malarkey. Very theraputic. It’s good that I am gaining something seeing as there is probably nobody reading it!

That’ll do for this eve.

Lovvvve xxx Gem xxx

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And so it begins.

July 5, 2007 at 11:58 pm (FASHION)

Heavens. This is rather exciting!

So after many years of deliberation, I have finally decided to start a blog. I guess it’ll be mostly an account of my views and pics of my outfits for your perusal. I may occasionally throw in beauty tips along the way, should I find out anything worth contributing to the blog (more on this later!).

Now I will tell you some bits about me and my style. Here is me, excuse the sidewaysness (all is revealed further down the page):dsc00124.jpg

My taste varies widely. Some days I like to wear 50’s tea dresses and heels, and other days I wear jeans, a band tee and sneakers. I think thats the Gemini in me. I have kinda have a split personality. I like to wear mis-matched clothing, I think clashing is good. I love platforms (even though I’m 5’8. I just like to tower over people. Maybe there’s some psychology in there somewhere). I love to DIY (but hardly ever have the time these days). My specialities are t-shirt surgeries, and general garment reconstruction, but have been known to make purses and knickers. I love layering clothes. I think Nautical is cute as can be. I have a slight underwear obsession, which has been curbed of late due to EXTREME lack of money (as opposed to the usual ‘pretty dire lack of money’).

I could go on, but what are words when I could be posting pictures! I shall crack on with that in a minute.

I should add that the above examples of my style/taste are not necessarily ‘style/taste’ per se. It depends on the person and about the clothes reflecting individual personality. Being oneself. It’s such a cringe worthy cliche but I find it amazing how one garment can look chic or shit depending on the person wearing it.

I can’t believe I have put you through this tirade. I will try to be more brief in the future. Onto the pictures!
I can’t rotate couple of these pics. On my bf’s Mac and have barely a clue how to operate it!! Also the Digital Cam is missing in action so bare with these vomit inducingly bad quality pics.
Pic 1 - Can’t rotate for some reason.
Tee – Nike
Belt – Strap of a bag from Primark
Shorts – New Look
Socks – Primark
Wedges – Topshop

Pic of the wedges

Tee – House of Holland
Tights – H&M
Heels – Some cheap as chips shoe shop in town

Heels in better detail:

Tea Dress
Tea Dress – Secondhand. Cost me 50p! It can barely contain my breasts, but for 50p I can’t complain.

Side view

Shirt – Charity Shop
Shorts – New Look
Tights – Fancy Dress shop (I scoured London and Brighton for white tights and where did i find them? the little fancy dress shop in my town.
T-Bar Heels – Primark. £6! A snip, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Well, that’ll do for tonight. I must sleep.

Goodnight, if anyone’s out there!

– Gem xx

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